Aluminium is without doubt the ideal material for the creation of contemporary building concepts. Coloured windows and doors certainly bring an added value to your building. They can combine an impressive outside appearance with a pleasant living atmosphere on the inside.

Here at Reynaers we offer all colors in the RAL range in AAMA 2603 (Qualicoat class I). For the higher AAMA 2604 standard, we offer 34 colors as standard. For AAMA 2605 we offer 13 colors. The full list with visual guidance is available for download here.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, in the classical Ferrari red color.

Bicolour lacquering

Suppose you want to match the outside colour of your windows with your fa├žade and choose an inside colour that perfectly matches your interior. Reynaers can provide the in -and outside of your profiles in almost every colour you can imagine. Over 450 different shades and finishes are available: metallic or anodised, matt or gloss RAL-colours, or even a special low maintenance and scratch resistant Coatex finish. On top of that, your windows can even get a realistic wood structure.

Coloured accessories

Handles, hinges and other accessories can also be lacquered in exactly the same colour as your windows. Even the drainage caps are available in all RAL colours. Opting for coloured accessories results in a spotless integration of all accessories into your windows.


Reynaers own range of accessories, Purity, is available in eight different specially selected colours. The accessories are also coated using a special process called BiOV™.

Interested in Purity? Check the product web page