Ease of use

Nowadays, buildings are being designed as transparent as possible. For a homeowner, this is translated into a sense of openness in which the living environment intertwines with the outside environment.


In most public buildings, however, this goes even further. The accessibility of windows and doors plays an essential role here. Reynaers offers several different systems with a low or a flush threshold. This means that the transition between the in -and outside is completely flat, allowing less mobile persons to have effortless access to the building. On top of that, Reynaers sliding systems can be equipped with a handy electrical operation, either remote-controlled or driven by sensors. With Reynaers CP 155 system, it is even possible to get a completely unobstructed corner view (without a corner profile).


High performance with an infinite view

Some people search their entire life searching for that one perfect view. It can be a wide panorama overlooking the sea, or why not the snow-covered Alps? Everyone would like to bring that perfect, infinite view, home. What can be hard to find, however, is a combination of design and performance. A big open view often requires big profiles, which limits the experience - while smaller profiles often limit the glass size.

Reynaers high-performance sliding system, suitably named Hi-Finity, offers small profiles with large glass dimensions - bringing that perfect view to your home and merging inside and outside seamlessly.

CP 155Sliding door
CF 77Folding door
Hi-FinitySliding door