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Many old buildings in the city are already being used for different purposes. These transformed buildings, together with the new construction, form a new urban fabric....

Casa D

Modern design made of light and bright interiors, flanked by large external patios from which you can admire the splendid cityscape.

Island Rest

Often, the location of a home is mostly a functional consideration....

Tribeca Rogue

The architects designed the rooms to be open and airy - choosing Reynaers' slim windows to allow for plenty of natural daylight.

Terhab Hotel & Apartment

The Terhab Hotel and Residences is developed by Manazil Real Estate, a leading developer in the UAE....

809 Broadway

This asymmetrical 15-story building in NYC is being utilized for office space, apartments, a shopping center, and a private garden.

Iron Horse

This beautiful lakeside home is located in Kalispell, Montana....

Baths-Showers & Co

Timber construction and aluminum joinery combine with durability on a complicated site. The story of a "virtuous" architectural adventure.
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With 86 apartments (from 1 to 4 bedrooms), the windows, balconies, or terraces face out, allowing you to take full advantage of Lisbon's light....

75 Howard

Directly overlooking the iconic Bay Bridge in San Francisco, California will be the luxury residential building One Steuart Lane, formerly referred to as 75 Howard....

The Istanbul Merter

The MRTR Istanbul project, located in Merter, has sustainable design strategies such as natural ventilation, maximum use of daylight, and use of sunlight as energy source...

Elmar Tower

Elmar Tower is a unique apartment complex with comfortable living standards in the heart of Ankara. 

Veb Tower

Veb Tower offers spacious, bright and quiet living appartments.

Next Level

Next Level is a city close to the city with houses 429 houses, 92 apartments and 6 shops. 

Hanover Quay #5

An office building with view on the Liffey Lake on the Grand Canal docks in Dublin city.

AND Pastel

AND Pastel combines the courtyard neighbourhood and urban life. This project is a microcosm, a miniature of something much larger. 
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