Crown Towers

Crown Towers

Glazed surfaces and generous heights flooded with natural light, a wonderful view of the city beyond the glass walls, the design, and the services offered are the defining elements for a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Surrounded by the park and lake, the luxury real estate complex Crown Towers is the first mixed-use project of the developer Metropolitan Residence and will include 230 apartments, office, and commercial spaces, a leisure center that will occupy an area of ​​approximately 10,000 square meters. Unprecedented, futuristic, but also contemporary, the ensemble is a concept of Răzvan Bârsan + Partners, one of the most appreciated architecture offices in Bucharest, with a design experience of over 17 years.

“"We stand out on the Romanian investment market with works that innovate through uniqueness and aesthetics, principles that we find in the Crown Towers project, especially through the successful implementation of a complex concept, both technical and urban. Together with the beneficiary and supplier solutions, we created a theme for the facades so the finished product is unique, futuristic, but also contemporary, which meets the conditions of efficiency and comfort. For the facade, we opted for aluminum systems with high-performance values."”

A complete experience for residents

Large windows are the perfect solution for any space open to the outside, with views of nature that become integral parts of the decor. For Crown Towers, Reynaers Aluminium sliding doors, walls, and windows are the ideal solutions for all types of construction within the exclusive project. Together with the Reflex Facades design team, Reynaers experts have proposed high-quality systems that meet the most demanding demands in terms of comfort, energy, security, architectural design, and energy efficiency for both ground floor and residential buildings which communicates with roof terraces or extended balconies.

Aluminum solutions

Innovative systems from the Reynaers Aluminium portfolio will be provided to provide residents with premium benefits and a top standard of living. The project will include the new generation of MasterPatio sliding systems, together with the unique Masterline 8 window system and the CW 50 SC curtain wall combined with the CW 50 HL curved glass curtain wall. Thus, each resident will benefit from the maximum possible glazed surface that will give light to the apartment. Also, the spa, swimming pool, and fitness rooms will have optimal sunlight. Reynaers supplies powder-coated profiles with the latest technology in the field, which gives strength and durability. This ensures the best long-term protection and allows the company to offer a 10-year warranty for the systems used.

A better home

What do you want from your window beside the fact that it offers you spectacular views and a feeling of freedom, continuity, and connection with nature? If superior thermal insulation performance and comfort are a priority for you, then you should know that for this project Reynaers Aluminium proposes a unique system. The new MasterPatio range supports the creative freedom of architects and highlights the mastery of manufacturers and, last but not least, improves the quality of life for the final beneficiary. The multiple combinations with Masterline 8, superior thermal insulation, improved comfort, and clean design make MasterPatio the new generation for sliding solutions. In addition to all these features, a major plus is the energy performance. With this new solution, Reynaers has again placed a strong emphasis on sustainability, longevity, and energy efficiency. For the two-way version of MasterPatio, all three variants can reach the Minergie or even Passive House standards.

Other materials used in the composition of the facade are bond panels that are mounted on a ventilated facade structure and decorative elements in organic style in the mezzanine floor area. It will be covered with a mesh material with perforations, allowing natural light to enter the space.

Bucharest, Romania