Product Specification Documents

The following is a suite of product specifications for Swing Doors, Sliding Doors, Folding Doors, Fixed & Operable Windows, and Curtain Walls. These documents outline applicable standards, materials, and performance requirements for Reynaers Aluminium Windows, Doors & Curtain Walls. The 3 part guide specifications are divided into sections; general, products, and execution which is compliant with CSI Master Spec format. A design professional will need to edit the specifications to fit the needs for a specific project.

Miami Dade NOA & Florida Building Code Listings
CS 77 Fixed / Operable Windows:

The following information details Reynaers Aluminium listings for CS 77 windows that meet Miami Dade NOA & Florida Building Code with a DP65, HVHZ & Missile Type D Zone 4 rating.

Miami Dade NOA (Reynaers)

Florida Building Code


Technical Notifications & Frequently Asked Questions

The following is information about Technical Notifications & Frequently Asked Questions about the design & specification of Reynaers Aluminium's window & doors. We will continue to update this section as information becomes available. 

Technical Notification (PUB2019SEP20):
Design, Specification, Manufacturing & Installation of Reynaers Products with Nail Fins

  • Nail Fins should not be specified, quoted, manufactured, or installed with any swing doors, sliding doors, or folding doors.
  • Nail Fins should only be specified, quoted, manufactured, or installed with windows.
  • Windows larger than 25sqft. or positioned at ground level should be specified, quoted, manufactured, or installed with nail fin on the (2) two sides and the top, with no nail fin on the bottom.
  • Nail-fins shall never be used to attach elements to the building structure. All attachments shall be made using fixing lugs or direct attachments through the frame profile.
  • It is recommended that flashing with Nail Fins continue to the face of the element per details below for SL 38 & CS 77 windows:

SL 38 Windows - Building Integration Details - Nail Fin
CS 77 Windows - Building Integration Details - Nail Fin