SlimLine 38

SlimLine 38

SlimLine 38 door

Light, Elegance and Comfort

SlimLine 38 is a highly insulated system inward and outward opening windows and doors, which combines elegance and comfort, with a unique design. This special slender steel look is the perfect solution for modern architecture and renovation of steel-framed windows, respecting the original design but offering a thermally improved solution.

In combination with its superior insulation capabilities, the system provides the perfect harmony between durable material, clean design and demanding architectural challenges.



Between countries, there are differences in how a window is placed into the wall. For more information on the usage of Reynaers BIM models, download the BIM guidelines.


The Architect Catalogue (PDF) contains information and filenames of the individual CAD files. Please consult this document to find the required CAD files for every section.
Inward opening

Technical information


Min. Visible width frame: inward opening1 1/2 inch 
Min. Visible width vent: inward opening1 11/16 inch 
Min. Visible width frame-vent: inward opening3 1/1 inch 
Min. Visible width frame: outward opening1 7/8 inch 
Min. Visible width frame-vent: outward opening4 3/8 inch 
Min. Visible width T-profile1 7/8 inch 
Max. height vent98 7/16 inch 
Max. width vent49 3/16 inch 
Overall system depth frame3 7/8 inch 
Overall system depth vent3 3/8 inch 
Rebate height9/16 inch 
Min. Glass thickness5/8 inch 
Max. Glass thickness2 3/16 inch 


Air tightness max. test pressure3 (600 Pa)
Water tightness4A (150 Pa)
Wind load resistanceC3 (1200 Pa)
Acoustic performanceRw(C;Ctr) = 38 (-1; -4) dB / 45 (-1; -5) dB
Burglar resistanceRC2/WK2
Thermal insulation (Uf)1,9 W/m²K

Opening elements

  • Inward Opening Double Window DoorInward Opening Double Window Door
  • Inward Opening Single Window DoorInward Opening Single Window Door
  • Outward Opening Double Window DoorOutward Opening Double Window Door
  • Outward opening single window doorOutward opening single window door