Door Pull Plus

Door Pull Plus

A great first impression

A door pull is mostly used for entrance doors. It plays a crucial part in the first impression someone has of the building, the first physical connection that is made before entering.

Our door pulls are available in many design variations, making it easy to find the one that best fits the character of your project. Short or long, thick or thin, round or square,... and we have them in every imaginable finish. You can even integrate complementary products, like our fingerprint scanner. The only thing left to do is to make a choice...

Opening elements

  • Double Swing DoorDouble Swing Door
  • HID DoorHID Door
  • HID Double Inward Opening DoorHID Double Inward Opening Door
  • HID Double Outward Opening DoorHID Double Outward Opening Door
  • HID Single Inward Opening DoorHID Single Inward Opening Door
  • HID Single Outward Opening DoorHID Single Outward Opening Door
  • Inward Opening Double DoorInward Opening Double Door
  • Inward Opening Double Window DoorInward Opening Double Window Door
  • Inward Opening Double ZT DoorInward Opening Double ZT Door
  • Inward Opening Pivot DoorInward Opening Pivot Door
  • Inward Opening Single DoorInward Opening Single Door
  • Inward Opening Single Window DoorInward Opening Single Window Door
  • Outward Opening Double DoorOutward Opening Double Door
  • Outward Opening Double Window DoorOutward Opening Double Window Door
  • Outward Opening Double ZT DoorOutward Opening Double ZT Door
  • Outward Opening Pivot DoorOutward Opening Pivot Door
  • Outward Opening Single DoorOutward Opening Single Door
  • Outward Opening Single Window DoorOutward Opening Single Window Door
  • Single Swing DoorSingle Swing Door
  • Swing Door Anti Finger trapSwing Door Anti Finger trap
  • Multi-leaf Pivot DoorMulti-leaf Pivot Door