Redesigned exterior opening elements

Natural ventilation in virtually all situations

Ventilation was already a popular topic in construction before the COVID-19 crisis, but the pandemic increased this concern and put architects and engineers on the lookout for better and alternative ways to create healthy environments in homes, offices, and public spaces.
The introduction of façade opening elements gives all players in the construction industry the means to achieve this goal. 

The new version will allow the opening of elements in all of America's curtain wall systems and practically all of its variants.

We already had a solution of opening elements, but the performances and sizes were dispersed by the different combinations of systems and types of opening. A difficult story for both our people and our customers. In this way, our new solution has also focused heavily on the rationalization of components: and, although many more combinations can be made, an enormously reduced number of profiles and accessories will be required.

By expanding the range of opening elements in façade systems, we can offer a solution for natural ventilation in almost any situation. The improvement in thermal performance, among others, creates consistency of possibilities in all systems and their variants and reinforces our façade portfolio. 

The design factors of this product launch are aesthetics, performance, and reliability.

Aesthetics have been improved dramatically.

The glass edge is now completely covered, the glass panels between furniture and fixed can be perfectly aligned and with a wide variety of handle designs. 

Performance has generally increased and is available in virtually all variants.

Maximum dimensions, AEV performances, types of opening, glazing variants ...are practically all the same, giving you the freedom to design the building without compromising.

An improvement in reliability to meet the expectations of sustainability and quality.

We focused on ease of manufacture, the great rationalization of all used items, the possibility of using various hardware suppliers, and a significant reduction in operational forces.

The first phase of this development offers two types of openings, available in CW 50 and ElementFaçade 7. Earlier this year we launched another exterior opening solution, the roof window, which is available in CW 50.

Thermal performance has been tremendously increased. By increasing the maximum thickness of the glass to 62mm in all variants, we do not compromise its possibilities. 



If you have any further questions regarding the introduction of this product, please do not hesitate to contact your Reynaers representative.