Reynaers releases DoorPulls

A great first impression

A door pull is mostly used for entrance doors. It plays a crucial part in the first impression someone has of the building, the first physical connection that is made before entering.

By offering the door pulls, we are truly a one-stop-shop for entrance doors.

Our 3 key benefits for the DoorPulls

1. One-stop shop for all entry door components

The door system, panels, locks, door pulls, and/or handles are all available from the same supplier. Price, delivery times, and color matching all benefit from this offer, making sure all those involved are happy with the end result.

2. Many designs and finishes to choose from

As said, the entry door is very important to make a great first impression. We made sure that they are available in many design variations, making it easy to find the one that best fits the character of your project. Short or long, thick or thin, round or square, we have them in every imaginable finish so you can go for a perfectly matching tone-on-tone result or a bold contrast.

3. Possibility to combine with complementary products

The DoorPull range’s priorities are complementing the design and character of your home and of course, opening the door, but it can also fulfill some additional functionalities. DoorPull Plus allows you to integrate some of our complementary products, like the fingerprint scanner for access control. In the future, it will be the host to other functionalities, like LED strips.