Comfort also stands for excellent ventilation of the rooms in a building. To maintain the aesthetical aspect of your windows and doors, Reynaers developed a unique, self-regulating ventilation system called Ventalis. This system is completely integrated with the window profile, making it barely visible. The system can be integrated with Reynaers' CS 77, CP 130, and CP 155.

Air quality

Ventilation is necessary to attain a good air quality inside the room. This is important for a healthy inner climate, especially in rooms where a lot of damp is produced; like kitchens or bathrooms. Here it is important to find the right balance between insulation and ventilation. Ventalis offers the solution.


Ventalis allows a variety of configurations, depending on the aesthetical requirements or the necessary air supply. The units automatically regulate the air supply, depending on the wind pressure. It ventilates without any risk of rain infiltration or insects entering your home.

Easily adjustable

The ventilation valve opens in five different positions, ranging from closed to open with three positions in between. You can easily determine the ventilation level yourself. Regardless of the position of the valve, the air supply remains automatically regulated.