Why Reynaers Aluminium focuses so much on sustainability


Why Reynaers Aluminium focuses so much on sustainability

Reynaers Aluminium contributes to a better world through sustainable entrepreneurship.
We do this by reducing energy consumption worldwide by developing window profiles that make buildings more energy-efficient. But Reynaers Aluminium also thinks further at the material, production, and transport level. And even at the smallest level, Reynaers Aluminium sets the bar high: renewable energy is used in the Reynaers Aluminium office buildings. In this way, the company wants to work for a sustainable society every day.

Window profiles fight against climate warming

A lot of the CO2 emissions come from buildings. It is these greenhouse gases that pose a challenge in the fight against global warming. Reynaers Aluminium therefore not only wants to improve the value of buildings but also the work and living quality of people. Together with their partners, they are continuously looking for innovations for the building envelope.

The focus is on the energy performance of the window profiles: strict airtightness and thermal insulation must limit heat losses. Buildings become a lot more energy-efficient and at the same time reduce their ecological footprint.

Aluminum is the green metal par excellence

The greatest asset of aluminum is that it is 100% recyclable without any loss of quality. Precisely because you can reuse it endlessly, the possibilities are enormous.

What's more: by reusing aluminum in new window profiles, Reynaers Aluminium saves 95% energy. In other words: if you produce 1 ton of aluminum, you save the energy you need to produce 9.5 tons of aluminum.

In addition, aluminum is resistant to all weather conditions: it does not crack, it does not rot, and vermin do not like it. Therefore, replacing aluminum windows is not necessary. Whoever chooses aluminum therefore chooses nature and directly contributes to a sustainable society.

Finally, also when it comes to packaging or office equipment, Reynaers Aluminium thinks twice. By reusing as many materials as possible, it also keeps its ecological footprint as small as possible.

Smart Transport System

Reynaers Aluminium EU has more than 6,000 trucks. It is therefore only logical that it also wants an environmentally conscious approach for the transport of all produced window profiles.

Reynaers Aluminium, for example, is constantly on the lookout for the most sustainable transport partners and also uses electric forklifts. In addition, the company plans its transport intelligently and always tries to choose the shortest and most environmentally friendly route.

Reynaers strives not only for sustainability in terms of transport and production but also in the mobility of its employees. Among other things, the company stimulates carpooling among employees and makes electric bicycles available. Over the past four years, the CO2 emissions of the staff have decreased by 27% as a result. Reynaers Aluminium already received the Lean and Green Personal Mobility Award for this in 2014.

Sustainable at any level

Reynaers Aluminium production halls currently generate their own energy production. The company is also more conscious about water and energy consumption. Because if nature gives you so many beautiful things, then you have to give something back, says Reynaers Aluminium. And sustainability is the best gift.