Ecological impact

Aluminum’s high durability and 100% recyclability without loss of quality have established its reputation as a green metal. Its remarkable strength, anti-corrosion, and low maintenance characteristics make it the ultimate construction material for an industry that is constantly searching for lighter, stronger, more durable, and greener alternatives.

Discover how Reynaers Aluminium breathes new life into used aluminum systems:



No less than 75% of all aluminum products ever made is still in use today — aluminum can be reused for the same purposes over and over again. This establishes a virtual aluminum pool that continuously replenishes itself from its own applications. Unlike many other materials, aluminum does not lose its unique features somewhere in the process.

Moreover, recycling requires only 5% of the original energy input — this saves 9 tons of CO2 emissions. The recycling of aluminum scrap currently saves around 80 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. This is equivalent to removing 15 million cars from the world’s roads. At Reynaers we’re not only constantly investigating innovative ways to improve the recyclability of our products, but are also involving all of our stakeholders to guarantee that aluminum windows are recycled into new windows. If you wish to know more about what Reynaers does for the environment, you can discover it here.