Care First Animal Hospital

Care First Animal Hospital

The Care First Animal Hospital is finishing up construction in North Carolina. When coming up with the design plans, "care" was the central theme - care for the animals, employees, and environment.

Jeff Pullman of Quantum Architects thoughtfully devised this project to abide by the Passive House standards. PassivHaus stands for quality, comfort, and energy efficiency. This building will be the first animal hospital of its kind in the US. The near net-zero energy building will require very little energy to heat or cool, and in doing so, reduces the hospital's ecological footprint.

CW 50 Curtain Walls, CS 77 Windows and CS 77 Doors - Care First Animal Hospital located in Raleigh, United States of America

The hospital will consist of exam rooms, surgery suites, a pharmacy, treadmills, water therapy, and a long indoor dog exercise area with a modern design. The natural light and airflow due to building towards the Passive standards throughout the hospital will help improve the conditions for the veterinarians and patients.

“Our passion behind this building was to create the best, most modern technology and space available so that our clients have first-class care. We look forward to elevating the standard of animal care with this innovative and efficient building.”Care First Animal Hospital

Reynaers Aluminium's windows, doors, and facades were chosen for this design because of the high thermal performance and slim frames for ample natural light. The CW 50 curtain wall pairs with the CS 77 doors for the floor-to-ceiling windows aesthetic with opening elements. Innovative solutions of the CW 50 facade hold a Cradle to Cradle Bronze certificate, Environmental Product Declaration, as well as an ift Rosenheim holistic certification. Paired with the CS 77 windows and doors, which also hold a Cradle to Cradle Bronze certificate and Environmental Product Declaration, Reynaers was able to help the Care First Animal Hospital achieve an almost zero energy build.

The Care First Animal Hospital takes Reynaers' goal to another level - enhancing the living and working environment of people and animals worldwide. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the grand opening of this innovative hospital!

Raleigh, United States of America