Next Level

Next level Çayyolu is a project that takes living to the next level... Its unique architecture is designed to make life easier. The Next Level Çayyolu project, which has 429 residences, 6 stores and 92 different apartments, designed by architect Brigitte Weber

Next level çayyolu is located close to the city and still close to nature. This project, made out of horizontal blocks, promotes active, peaceful, natural living with its garden, terraces and verandas. Its modern, geometric architecture facilitates warm neighborhoods and socialization due to the meeting areas and natural environments between the buildings. 


Reynaers Aluminium CS 68 systems were used for the windows and doors. This system was chosen for its performance regarding stability, thermal insulation and security. For the sliding doors, the architect opted for the CP 130 system because this systems combines comfort with a beautiful view.