CW 50 Opening Elements

CW 50 Opening Elements

The outward opening elements for CW have been completely redesigned. The elements are now better thermally insulated, capable of reaching the maximum dimensions in all variants, reach better performances overall, can be fitted with triple glass in both glazing bead and structural glazed variants, can be combined with all CW 50 variants, and feature improved production ease and speed.


Technical information


Max. height vent98 7/16 in. 
Max. width vent78 3/4 in. 
Max. weight element396 lbs 
Min. Glass thickness15/16 in. 
Max. Glass thickness2 7/16 in. 
Glazing methodDry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones  
Thermal breakFibreglass Reinforced Polyamide Strips  


Air tightness max. test pressure0.02 cfm/ft²
Water tightness15 psf
Design pressure90
Acoustic performance STC (ASTM E90-09/1332)41
Acoustic performance OITC (ASTM E90-09/1332)35
PG Rating90
Thermal insulation Uw - Double0.23 Btu/hr∙ft²∙°F
Thermal insulation Uw - Triple0.14 Btu/hr∙ft²∙°F

Opening elements

  • Parallel Opening WindowParallel Opening Window
  • Structural Top Hung WindowStructural Top Hung Window
  • Top Hung WindowTop Hung Window