Benefits of powder coating

There are multiple advantages of powder coating like durability and protection. One of the most important benefits is how safe it is for the environment and the health of the people who work with it.

Negligible VOCs and no air pollution

Volatile Organic Compounds have been shown to contribute to ozone depletion and air pollution. Wet paint has a high amount of VOCs, while powder coating contains negligible amounts. Therefore, airborne powder coating particles are safe to breathe and pose no health risk.

Powder is recyclable

Powder coating is done in two stages: coating and curing. Once the product is sprayed with the powder, one can recycle the excess powder. To begin with, this process already has less waste. If the excess powder is created during the spraying, it is easy to reuse.

Minimal hazardous waste

During the retouching and disposal, wet paint produces a lot of hazardous waste and harmful fumes. Comparatively, powder coating does not have any of these hazards because it does not require the special handling or disposal that wet paint requires.

Environmental regulations

Powder coating produces negligible VOCs, no air pollution, and is non-toxic, so it already meets many environmental protection standards. Powder coating does not require the same meticulous standards for safety, use, and disposal as wet paint.