Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines


The Reynaers name may only be used in association with Reynaers’ products and services. No company may pass themselves off as Reynaers or a subsidiary or legal partner of Reynaers. The Reynaers logo should not be used to promote any other products nor should it be used as a general endorsement of any other business or services. The Reynaers name includes, but is not limited to the following variations in North America:

  • Reynaers
  • Reynaers Aluminium
  • Reynaers Aluminium – North America
  • Reynaers US
  • Reynaers, Inc.

Trade Names

Products are categorized through formal trade names specific to Reynaers Aluminium; and it is expected that these names will be used in the promotion of these products only. Names should not be used to promote any other products nor be utilized by any company to represent or promote the name of their respective business. Trade names include, but are not limited to the following references that describe Reynaers products, also known as system(s), specific to window(s), door(s), curtain walls, accessories & hardware:

  • HiFinty, Hi-Finity, HIFINTY
  • SlimLine 38, SLIMLINE 38, SL 38
  • SlimPatio 68, SLIMPATIO 68, SP 68
  • Concept System 68, CS 68
  • Concept System 77, CS 77
  • Concept Folding 77, CF 77
  • Concept Patio 68, CP 68
  • Concept Patio CP 130, Concept Patio CP 130-LS, CP 130, CP130-LS
  • Concept Patio CP 155, Concept Patio CP 155-LS, CP 155, CP155-LS
  • Concept Wall 50, Curtain Wall 50, CW 50, CW 50-SlimLine, CW 50-SL
  • Concept Wall 60, Curtain Wall 60, CW 60
  • Concept Wall 86, Curtain Wall 86, CW 86
  • Mosquito
  • Ventalis
  • Horizon, Horizon Handles, Horizon Hardware
  • Touch, Touch Handles, Touch Hardware
  • Purity, Purity Handles, Purity Hardware
  • EDS, Element Design Series

Variations of the preceeding product trade names should not be used in a misleading manner to promote other products or services that are not Reynaers.

In North America, a Reynaers partner who fabricates and/or sells completed finished elements utilizing Reynaers system(s) may brand and market the finished products (windows, doors, etc.) under their company name and/or a unique product line naming convention specific to the company. However, a fabricator shall not brand or imply that the Reynaers system(s) used within the finished elements is their technology. Any detailed narrative, catalogs, profile sections, extrusion details, CAD details, 3D images or test reports that depicts or explains any Reynaers system(s) technology, visually or narratively, shall provide explicit and clear credit to Reynaers Aluminium.


Use of the Reynaers brand, trade names, images and other marketing material is at the discretion of Reynaers Aluminium. Reynaers reserves the right to withdraw any or all of its material at any time.