Hinges & Accessories

Reynaers offers a large range of accessories for the building envelope. Of course next to their beauty and elegance, safety is also kept in mind. Reynaers systems can be equipped with special accessories, like handles fitted with a key and safety cylinder.

Hidden hinges bring an added value to the aesthetics of your windows. By choosing hinges that are integrated into your windows, you avoid getting them damaged or soiled, while attaining a more beautiful and discrete effect. These hidden accessories can be used in various types of Reynaers turn and tilt windows.


In line with its minimalistic building concepts, Reynaers developed a series of refined and elegant handles. These handles perfectly blend into the overall image of your windows, doors, and sliding systems. They can also be ordered in the same color as the selected profile, assuring a perfect match. Next to Shield and Horizon, our most recent development in the field of handles is Purity design handles.




Do you wish to know more about the handle series Reynaers has to offer? Why not view the brochure