MasterLine 8 XL Pivot Door

A new way to enter

MasterLine 8 pivot doors provide a new architectural solution for entrance doors while taking into account modern criteria of airtightness and thermal performance. With panel or glazing infill, the MasterLine 8 pivot door can respond to architectural trends in providing maximum brightness.

Anchored in the floor and in the ceiling, a revolving door rotates around its own axis. This technique is particularly suitable for high and wide doors, to which it confers sobriety and elegance.

Available in manual locking or synchronized locking, the Masterline 8 pivot door meets RC2 safety criteria, with no handle on the outside! The door is available in three levels of "Security", "Comfort", or "Luxury" offers.

To go further, there is also the Landscape pivot door which allows you to connect an infinite number of pivot doors together.