Our steps for eco-responsible construction

Together, let's contribute today to the ecological transition to achieve carbon neutrality tomorrow.

To meet the environmental challenges that the construction industry must face, Reynaers Aluminum engages with you - customers, partners, and employees - in a global approach to minimize the ecological impact of buildings.

Our actions focus on 3 pillars:
1 ) Reduce the ecological impact of our activities
2 ) Promote the reuse of materials
3 ) Innovate to contribute to the ecological transition

Limit our ecological impact...


... using recycled aluminum

Manufacturing our profiles with recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy compared to using primary aluminum. This means 8 tonnes of CO2 emissions / t. aluminum are avoided every time aluminum is recycled.

 ... by choosing suppliers capable of producing low-carbon primary aluminum

Primary European aluminum currently releases 19 lbs of CO2 per kg of aluminum. Most of this CO2 is attributable to the production source of the energy required to transform bauxite into aluminum. By using hydroelectricity, renewable green energy, it is possible to reduce this footprint to 8.8 lbs. This is what we call “low carbon aluminum”.

The Reynaers Aluminum commitment

At Reynaers Aluminum, we are committed on a daily basis to making the world of today and tomorrow more sustainable by increasing recycled aluminum and low-carbon primary in the composition of our products.

Innovate to serve the ecological transition...


...Be a committed company by deploying an economic and sustainable model

As a committed company, we work daily to ensure that our activities, our employees, and our partners actively participate in building a world that respects the environment. Optimized delivery routes, hybrid or electric mobility, digital management of manufacturing monitoring, packaging of our profiles in reusable racks, LED lighting, and many others ..., each action implemented is designed to meet the challenges of sustainability of the world tomorrow.


...Help you in the design of eco-responsible buildings: certification and labeling

Whether it is to bring you into compliance with French regulations such as the RE 2020 , or as part of a voluntary eco-responsible certification process for your buildings, Reynaers Aluminum is your partner for exterior facades and joinery.
Our specialists are at your service to help you choose the solutions that meet your objectives.