Curtain Walls

For many architects, the aesthetic value of a building is defined by the design and concept of the façade. Yet this unique aspect of the building is not only an architectural expression, but it also needs to fulfil important technical requirements, which enhance the living and working environment of this building. These requirements focus on comfort like daylight, ventilation and energy savings, but also on increased security and structural stability.

Aesthetical solutions

Reynaers’ curtain wall solutions are very well-equipped to deal with these different demands. To allow complete architectural creativity, the curtain wall systems offer a range of aesthetical solutions: from different styles of face caps over horizontal and vertical lining, to a minimalistic style using structural glazing or clamping technologies. For specific architectural design concepts, like unique face caps or curved constructions, Reynaers offers tailored solutions to fit every requirement.

State-of-the-art technical performance

On the other hand, our wide range of curtain wall systems also offers solutions to the technical requirements of the building. The modular curtain walls, like the Element Façades (EF), allow a rapid on-site assembly. They are perfectly suited for high-rise constructions. They provide a perfect behaviour towards building movement or dilatation and improve the acoustical performance. The use of aluminium for curtain walls is inevitable, because it meets all strength and stability requirements of large glass areas. As Reynaers’ curtain walls can comply with the highest standards in energy efficiency and security, they will also guarantee the highest performance requirements defined for your building.

Total solution for your façade

Moreover, all curtain wall systems are mutually compatible, allowing the seamless integration of windows, doors, roof systems and even photovoltaic panels to offer the designer a complete solution combined with endless design freedom. You can choose from hundreds of different colours and finishes for both inside and outside, ranging from a matt, gloss or metallic finish, to a special low maintenance and scratch resistant Coatex finish. Even a realistic wood effect belongs to the possibilities.

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