ElementFaçade 7

ElementFaçade 7

"With Reynaers Aluminium’s new ElementFaçade 7, we aim to be fast from design to calculation, production and installation. Throughout the development process, the speed of every step in the building process was considered. In the construction stage, the enormously increased fabrication speed becomes apparent. ElementFaçade 7 can be prefabricated in a controlled workshop environment, which removes disturbing, uncertain factors like cold or wet weather. The prefabrication not only improves speed but also brings high process reliability and product quality.

The standard variant of the ElementFaçade 7 has the familiar features of glazing beads and mitre cuts. The glazing beads were redesigned to enable easy glass replacement by the unit, and withstanding higher wind loads."

Technical information


Visible width interior2 15/16 in. 
Visible width exterior2 15/16 in. 
Max. Inertia mullions (lx: wind load)514 cm⁴ 
Min. Inertia transoms (lx: wind load)225 cm⁴ 
Max. height vent145 11/16 in. 
Max. width vent106 5/16 in. 
Rebate height1/2 in. 
Min. Glass thickness1 in. 
Max. Glass thickness2 1/2 in. 
Glazing methodDry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones  

Opening elements

  • Parallel Opening WindowParallel Opening Window
  • Top Hung WindowTop Hung Window