ElementFaçade 7

ElementFaçade 7

Today’s buildings are designed to meet ecological, technical, functional, aesthetic, and financial requirements. Construction environments are stretching existing systems to their limits, which is why our newest ElementFaçade 7 goes beyond the needs of today. Reynaers Aluminium’s Group Development team distilled years of experience and extensive know-how within several departments into an intelligent design.

ElementFaçade 7 has a completely redesigned anchor to allow easy and fast installation and adjustment, as well as increased tolerances to compensate for ever-growing live loads. It also optimizes industrialized fabrication by introducing the straight-cut corner connection, and further increases installation speed by enabling even larger double-element assemblies.

Next to that, ElementFaçade 7 enables easy glass pane replacement in both structural glazing and glazing bead solutions, for both the element and the spandrel area. The sum of all this emphasizes that this system is ready for the buildings of the future.


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Technical information


Visible width interior2 15/16 inch 
Visible width exterior2 15/16 inch 
Max. Inertia mullions (lx: wind load)514 cm⁴ 
Min. Inertia transoms (lx: wind load)225 cm⁴ 
Max. height vent145 11/16 inch 
Max. width vent106 5/16 inch 
Rebate height1/2 inch 
Min. Glass thickness1 inch 
Max. Glass thickness2 1/2 inch 


Air tightness max. test pressure1200Pa
Water tightnessE1200 (1200Pa)
Wind load resistance2400 Pa
Acoustic performance43(-2;-4) dB
Thermal insulation (Uf)1.3 W/m²K

Opening elements

  • Parallel Opening WindowParallel Opening Window
  • Top Hung WindowTop Hung Window