Hi-Finity Wall

Hi-Finity Wall

Hi-Finity Wall

The infinite view

Enjoy an infinite view with ultimate performances. The ultra-slim design of the Hi-Finity® sliding door creates large transparent surfaces, with a light, sleek and elegant appearance. This variant of the Hi-Finity system expands the range with a simple way of extending the sliding doors to a glass wall. It allows you to add multiple standard glass panes, all side by side in the same plane, separated by a profile of 35mm wide, consistent with the chicane profiles. This solution can be combined with double and triple glazing and the standard threshold.



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Technical information


Min. Visible width T-profile1 3/8 in. 
Visible width meeting section1 3/8 in. 
Max. height vent157 1/2 in. 
Max. width vent137 13/16 in. 
Max. weight element2640 lbs 
Overall system depth frame5 13/16 in. 
Overall system depth vent1 3/4 in. 
Visible height vent1 3/8 in. 
Max. height element157 1/2 in. 
Min. Glass thickness1 7/16 in. 
Max. Glass thickness2 1/8 in. 
Thermal breakFibreglass Reinforced Polyamide Strips  


Air tightness max. test pressure0.08 cfm/ft²
Water tightness8 psf
Design pressure60
Acoustic performance STC (ASTM E90-09/1332)45
Acoustic performance OITC (ASTM E90-09/1332)37
AAMA RatingClass CW
PG Rating60
Thermal insulation Uw - Double0.28 Btu/hr∙ft²∙°F
Thermal insulation Uw - Triple0.2 Btu/hr∙ft²∙°F

Opening elements

  • 2-rail QXQ (QXQ) slide2-rail QXQ (QXQ) slide
  • 2-rail QXXQ (QXXQ) slide2-rail QXXQ (QXXQ) slide
  • 2-rail XQ (XQ) slide2-rail XQ (XQ) slide
  • 2-rail XQX (XQX) slide2-rail XQX (XQX) slide
  • 3-rail QXXXXQ (3-rail QXXXXQ) slide3-rail QXXXXQ (3-rail QXXXXQ) slide
  • 3-rail XXQ (3-rail XXQ) slide3-rail XXQ (3-rail XXQ) slide