Safety testing

Ensuring a maximal safety-level of building elements is one of Reynaers’ top priorities. To be able to closely follow-up on all testing activities, Reynaers created a dedicated test center in which all tests are monitored rigorously. Apart from the internal testing facilities, the Reynaers Institute provides full support for testing at external test labs. Extensive advice and support, manufacturing of test elements, installation on location,... it’s all a part of Reynaers’ expertise.


At the Reynaers institute, several tests are performed to measure the impact –and burglar resistance of a system. An impactor in the form of a double tire is used to measure the effect of soft and heavy body impact on the element. Our testing facilities are also fully equipped for static, dynamic, or manual burglar testing.

External safety testing

Tests on the bullet impact on profile systems are performed in notified test labs such as TNO and the Royal Military School. The resistance of systems against fire breakthrough, are tested in close cooperation with various accredited European labs such as WFR, IFT, Efectis Group, and ITB. Tests on the smoke tightness, as well as the smoke leakage of the systems, are performed in notified test labs such as ITB, IFT, and MPA Braunschweig.