Sun screening

Sun screening serves as an excellent addition to your building in different ways. Perhaps the most common purpose of sun screening can be found in the name itself; it is mostly used for blocking out excessive solar beams. That way, the overheating of the room can be avoided.


Aesthetic function

Reynaers looks at sun screening differently. Our systems aim at combining these rich functionalities with stunning aesthetics. Reynaers’ sun screening systems bring an extra dimension to your building, giving it a unique, unparalleled character.

BS 100


Using Solar Cells

Apart from the obvious function as a sun screening system, the different BS systems can be adapted to fit solar cells, BIPV, which adds another dimension. This environmental approach makes BS 100 and its sister systems a very attractive way to increase your building's energy capabilities.

Did you also know that Reynaers' sunscreen systems can help you in your pursuit of a more environmentally friendly building? Read more about this in our LEED and BREEAM brochures!