A sustainable character

Reynaers Aluminum is aware that companies play a vital role in environmental care. We take our responsibility very seriously. At the base, we enjoy a considerable advantage: aluminum is 100% recyclable! We, therefore, work with a sustainable material that can be recycled endlessly without loss of quality. More than 95% of all the aluminum released during demolition works is recycled. Production scrap is 100% recycled. An additional advantage is that only 5% of the primary energy is needed to recycle aluminum.

Sustainable goals

Buildings consume 40% of all energy consumption. The European energy targets for 2020 aim to improve energy efficiency by 20%, reduce greenhouses by 20%, and increase the share of renewable sources in energy consumption to 20%. For Reynaers Aluminium, the measure regarding energy efficiency in buildings is a focal point. This applies to both internal business processes and the development of new profile series. Sustainability and energy have been one of Reynaers' fundamental pillars for longer than today. Thanks to an intensive R&D policy and the know-how of the Reynaers Institute, the latest Reynaers profiles already anticipate the requirements of these European directives and also provide groundbreaking solutions for airtight construction.