Thermal insulation

Reynaers systems are designed to meet different levels of thermal insulation. This insulation level is called the U-value. The lower this U-value is, the higher the insulation. This insulation level is realised by a thermal break between the inner and outer aluminium profiles. Profiles of Reynaers also have a unique center seal or gasket and a continuous acoustic seal, to ensure the insulation.

Throughout the Reynaers brand, there are several products that are recognized for their thermal insulation. Many of these have achieved exeptional thermal values and have been awarded with labels such as the Swiss Minergie certificate, which recognizes the systems' energy effiency, and the Passive House certification, awarded to exceptionally energy-efficient building components.

CP 155

CS 86-HI

CS 104

CW 50


The state-of-the-art insulation technique used by Reynaers, connects the outer chamber and the inner chamber through fiberglass reinforced polyamide strips. These strips provide a thermal break and come in various widths. The wider the strips, the higher the insulation factor.  The design of these strips is important to guarantee the stability and strength of the assembled profile.