Le Prado

Le Prado

Benoy Architects Didier Rogeon

Ideally integrated in front of the Velodrome stadium and near the Marseille exhibition centre, the Prado shopping centre is an architectural jewel that meets the highest environmental standards. Since its inauguration on March 28th 2018, visitors have been able to discover a tailor-made commercial offer, spread over four floors and under a majestic glass canopy that illuminates the various brands (Galerie Lafayette, Repetto, Jacadi, etc.). A new generation shopping centre that brings a new way of life to a rapidly changing neighbourhood. Due to their quality and performance, two Reynaers Aluminium technical solutions were prescribed and implemented as part of this major project.

Designed by the architectural firms Benoy and Rogeon, this living and shopping centre is inspired by 19th century Italian galleries. A unique building, particularly because of its canopy made of glass and composed of 1,750 panels more than 30 metres above the ground. The latter is placed on a monumental fishnet structure. As raised by the Mistral, its curved shapes partially descend along the façades like boat sails. It allows light to pass through while protecting from the sun.


23,000 m² of commercial space

3,500 m² of glazed facade

20 different plats were planted for the construction of a green wall

800 parking spaces

500 000 visitors / month (forecast)


A living space adapted to the new expectations of users

With its top-of-the-range and trendy offer as well as its dynamic architecture, Prado is a building in the spirit of the times. More than a place of commerce, it is a place of life that brings together in one place housing, offices, shops, a hotel complex and even a health centre. A village in the city. "All spaces (commercial, hotel, train stations and transit, offices...) are now presented as living and convivial places that influence purchasing behaviour," explains Thomas Faustini, Key Account Manager at Reynaers Aluminium. In order to create an open feeling, very large folding doors (CF 77) were installed. Today, users want to enjoy each building, not only for its primary purpose but also to mix other practices such as recreation, relaxation, sport... In this sense, the shopping centre is particularly challenged because the old-fashioned, closed, noisy shopping gallery with artificial light no longer appeals.


CW 50-SC Curtain Walls and CF 77 Sliding Systems - Shopping centre Le Prado located in Marseille, France

A complex that meets environmental challenges

Prado is part of a sustainable construction approach. Its strong environmental commitment, present at every stage of the project, such as the choice of recyclable building materials and eco-responsible products, makes it the first Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified shopping centre in Europe. A philosophy that integrates, at all levels of product design, production and reuse, an ecological requirement whose principle is "zero pollution and 100% reused". Another first, for France this time, Prado meets the criteria for BREEAM environmental performance certification, an excellent level. Finally, this shopping centre is also BBC certified (low-energy building).

"Cradle to Cradle is a certification that reflects a principle of circular economy. It takes into account the ecological impact of materials, their potential for reuse, the use of renewable energies and the reduction of the carbon footprint, water management and the impact of the project in terms of social equity. A principle to which Reynaers Aluminium systems perfectly respond since aluminium is a 100% recyclable material, which offers a long service life. In addition, in terms of quality and performance, Reynaers Aluminium products also participate in the BREEAM certification which assesses the thermal, acoustic and sustainable aspect of buildings. "Thomas Faustini, Key Account Manager at Reynaers Aluminium France.


Smooth and contemporary façades, bold architecture

"All the smooth façades of the Prado shopping centre are made of CW 50-SC. This choice allows the aluminium structure to be visually erased on the outside and to have a smooth finish that highlights the glass volumes," explains Thomas Faustini, Key Account Manager at Reynaers Aluminium. It is an excellent alternative to glued exterior glazing since the CW 50-SC has thinner spines and therefore a larger glazing clearness, easier assembly, more flexibility and adaptability to buildings and finally, a clear budgetary saving. »



2 technical solutions signed Reynaers Aluminium

- The CW 50-SC curtain wall, with curved glass and very strong corners, for a very smooth, dynamic and resolutely contemporary façade appearance.

- CF 77 folding doors that allow you to open very large windows and promote the feeling of opening to the outside.

“The CW 50-SC curtain wall: a high-performance, economical, adaptable and aesthetic solution. Thomas Faustini, Key Account Manager at Reynaers Aluminium France      ”
CW 50-SC Curtain Walls and CF 77 Sliding Systems - Shopping centre Le Prado located in Marseille, France



A technique - approved by a DTA in 2018 - had already been in use abroad for several years and in France since 2015. For good reason, this system requires less aluminium than VEC curtain walls, and the flush silicone seal increases the waterproofness of the system. It is therefore even more efficient from a thermal and acoustic point of view. Several buildings are already equipped with it, such as the Matmut offices in Rouen, the Passivhaus building with triple glazing and Blédina's head office in Limonest.

Key elements of the project

3,500 m2 of glass facade in CW 50-SC

First shopping centre in Europe to be awarded the Cradle to Cradle label

BREEAM certified, excellent level

BBC certified




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Benoy Architects Didier Rogeon
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