Venezia in Warsaw

In one building, a modern, functional workplace was created and, at the same time, an excellent space for the exhibition of products. Large glazing and skylights bring natural light into the interior, and innovative architectural solutions make the building fit in perfectly with its surroundings.

CW 50-SC Curtain Walls, CP 155 (-LS) Sliding Systems, BS 100 Solar Shading and CW 50 Curtain Walls - Office building Venezia in Warsaw located in Waddinxveen, Poland

Existing for over 20 years Venezia company has its headquarters and logistic facilities in a modern building in Warsaw's Wawer. There are offices and a showroom where the latest collections of VENEZIA footwear are created and presented.

The impressive exhibition required a lot of space and natural light - that is why the pattern room was located on the top floor, in a room without divisions, under a partially glazed, gable roof.

Well-designed space

The functional layout of the building is simple and legible, so the body looks light and elegant, not overwhelming with size. It was planned in the shape of the letter L, and two parts are connected by a two-story-high connector with a glass façade. The facade is diversified depending on its function - almost completely glazed in the office part, more enclosed in the warehouse. Spaces on different levels intermingle - thanks to the glazed staircase, the link between the two parts of the building, and the mezzanine on the top floor, which allows additional lighting on the first floor. Modern, large glazing from floor to ceiling and skylights bring a lot of natural light into the interior. Glass arrangements allow to achieve the effect of openness and transparency, creating timeless space. The dynamic form of the object on each side provides a different visual experience. The body of the building has been shaped in such a way that all areas of the building permeate as much as possible, integrating the interior with space outside.

CW 50-SC Curtain Walls, CP 155 (-LS) Sliding Systems, BS 100 Solar Shading and CW 50 Curtain Walls - Office building Venezia in Warsaw located in Waddinxveen, Poland

Universal design

The architectural design required a coherent curtain wall structure and a glazed, sloping roof, so the CW 50 Reynaers Aluminium Universal Facade and Roof System was chosen. The variant is chosen, SC, which allows a glazed surface to be created outside without visible profiles; the glass panels are separated by a silicone grout. The light is reflected in the glass panes and in the polished gres porcelain cake, which is used to finish the façades, making the body lighter and opening the interior to the immediate surroundings.

Dual function

The building also uses other Reynaers Aluminium systems: CS 86-HL and CS 77-HI. The CP 155-LS lift and slide door leads to the balconies in the office area. Sun visors (BS 100 Reynaers Aluminium system), located at the top floor level, have a double function. They protect the rooms on this level from excess sunlight and protect them from heating, and they are also an impressive finial of the building's body.

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