CW 50 Attic Window

CW 50 Attic Window

Concept Wall 50 Attic window

State of the art roof window for optimal cooling ventilation


The CW 50 Attic Window is the high insulating solution for open elements in glass roofs that meets today’s waether sealing standards. Different glazing options are available:
either a cost efficient glazing bead version for standard glass, or a more aesthetic version with stepped glass. Both glass variants can be combined to create a zero water threshold

on the bottom side to allow inclinations down to 5°. The superior High Insulation variant assures an increased insulation by using additional gaskets and smart insulation strips including low-e foil.

The Attic Window is operable with a spindle or as motor-operated version that is especially convenient within building management systems or in roof windows in hard-to-reach places.


The Attic window can be applied together with CW 50-RA, CW 60-RA and the CR 120 conservatory system.


Technical information


Visible width interior1 15/16 in. 
Visible width exterior1 15/16 in. 
Max. height vent59 1/16 in. 
Max. width vent137 13/16 in. 
Min. Glass thickness1 1/8 in. 
Max. Glass thickness2 7/16 in. 


Air tightness max. test pressure0.02 cfm/ft²
Water tightness15 psf
Design pressure90
Acoustic performance STC (ASTM E90-09/1332)41
Acoustic performance OITC (ASTM E90-09/1332)35
PG Rating90
Thermal insulation Uw - Double0.23 Btu/hr∙ft²∙°F
Thermal insulation Uw - Triple0.25 Btu/hr∙ft²∙°F

Opening elements

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