Redesigned Outward Opening elements

Ventilation was already a popular topic in construction before the COVID-19 crisis struck. The event only increased this trend and left architects and engineers searching for better and alternative ways to create a healthy environment in residential, offices, and public spaces.           

The introduction of the new Opening Elements for curtain walls gives all stakeholders in the construction industry the means to meet that goal.

The new release will enable opening elements on three of our systems, and on virtually all different combinations.

     ConceptWall 50            ConceptWall 60            ElementFaçade 7

                    ConceptWall 50                                          ConceptWall 60                                           ElementFaçade 7

Our ConceptWall 86-EF has its own dedicated solutions and will remain available. Its relevance lies mostly in the visual aspect: fixed elements are indistinguishable from opening elements.

We already had an opening elements solution, but performances and sizes were scattered across the different combinations of systems and opening types. A difficult story for both our sales people and our clients. Therefore, our new solution also focused heavily on the rationalization of components: even though you can make many more combinations, you can do it with an enormously reduced amount of profiles and accessories.

                                            Outward Opening elements

By expanding the range of opening elements in curtain wall systems, we can offer a solution for natural ventilation in almost all situations. Improving the thermals and other performances create consistency of the possibilities throughout the systems and their variants and strengthen our curtain wall portfolio.

The design drivers of this product release are aesthetics, performance and reliability.

Aesthetics have been improved drastically.
The glass edge is now completely covered, glass panes between opening and fixed panels can be perfectly aligned, big choice of handle designs.

Performance has increased in general, and made available on virtually all variants.
Max dimensions, AWW performances, opening types, glazing variants,... are virtually all the same, giving you the freedom to design the building without making compromises.

Reliability has been upgraded to meet sustainability and quality expectations.
We focused on ease of fabrication, big rationalization of all used articles, use of multiple dedicated hardware suppliers, and a significant decrease of the operating forces.

The first phase of this development offers two opening types, available on CW 50, CW 60 and ElementFaçade 7. Earlier this year we released another outward opening solution, the attic window, which is available on both the CW 50 and CW 60 systems.


Thermal performance has been increased tremendously. By increasing the maximum glass thickness to 62mm in all variants, we do not compromise your possibilities.

The Ucw calculation of the standard (glazing bead) and the SG (structural glazed) variants show impressive values:

                                                                                                      Standard                                                             SG

Typical Module            Standard            

                                                                                        Ucw = 0.694 W/K                                          Ucw = 0.660 W/K

If you have other questions about this product introduction, feel free to contact your Reynaers representative.