Reynaers Aluminium's Memberships in the US

Reynaers is a member of the US National Glass Association, American Architectural Manufacturers Association, Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance, National Fenestration Rating Council, and AIA Continuing Education

Reynaers US has joined the National Glass Association. NGA "brings together some of the best minds in the glass industry to develop standards, create technical resources, and promote and advocate for glass in the built environment". They also host events throughout the country. 

NGA's goals

Educate: Drive excellence, safety and results through education and training.

Promote: Elevate the image of glass as a safe, healthy, sustainable and inspiring building product and advance the industry as a viable, thriving and exciting career path.

Advocate: Be a strong advocate to defend and promote the glass industry.

Grow: Build NGA's membership to develop influence, impact and results.

We also hold a membership with the AAMA/FGIA. FGIA is "dedicated to improving home and building performance through better glass, window, door and skylight technology and standards".


FGIA's goals

Inclusion: FGIA is an inclusive community where all are welcome.

Equality: We're a members-led industry leadership association.

Alignment: Our strength is our alliance, focused on the same goals.

Growth: We're committed to helping the industry and our members grow

Reynaers is a member with the NFRC. NFRC "is committed to advancing continuous improvement of windows, doors, and skylights, contributing to making buildings more comfortable and energy-efficient".


NFRC values

Communicating the energy performance of products using the NFRC label

Helping one understand the different categories of energy performance

Provide tips, tools, and educational resources

Narrow one's product search through the NFRC Certified Product Directory

Reynaers Aluminium is an AIA Continuing Education Passport Provider. AIA "advocates for the value of architecture and gives architects the resources they need to do their best work".


AIA stands for

Equity and human rights

Architecture that strengthens our communities

A sustainable future

Protecting communities from the impact of climate change

Economic opportunity

Investing in the future

If you would like to schedule an AIA Continuing Education course with us, please email us