Reynaers introduces ElementFaçade 7

The element that builds the future

Reynaers Aluminium, leading provider of sustainable architectural aluminum solutions, launches a new state-of-the-art product named ElementFaçade 7. With over 20 years of experience in element façades, Reynaers Aluminium’s developers created the next generation of element façades that gives you the freedom today to build the façade of the future. ElementFaçade 7 comes with exceptional performances that allow you to push building limits to new heights. Its intelligent design makes ElementFaçade 7 highly efficient to assemble and install. Moreover, ElementFaçade 7 is compatible with standard opening elements and is supported by Reynaers Aluminium from plans to delivery.

Whether it be a skyscraper in a city, an office building with an exceptional architectural look, or a renovation of a residential high-rise, every urban development project searches for products that make it stand out

Free to build the façade of the future

As cities become denser, buildings need more acoustic attenuation. Limited floor area pushes structures higher and higher, which requires better wind and water performances. With standards and legislation growing stricter, the energy efficiency and insulation levels of today will no longer serve the building of tomorrow. That is why Reynaers Aluminium delivers products that are ready for the future, today. All of this in an off-the-shelf product.

Guaranteed performances

Intelligent design

Element Façade 7 has a completely redesigned anchor to allow easy and fast installation and adjustment, as well as increased tolerances, to compensate for ever-growing live loads. It optimizes industrialized fabrication by introducing the straight-cut corner connection and further increases installation speed by enabling even larger double-element assemblies. Next to that, ElementFaçade 7 enables easy glass pane replacement in both structural glazing and glazing bead solutions, for both the element itself and the spandrel area. 

Efficient and versatile assembly

It is during the construction stage that the enormous increase in fabrication speed becomes apparent. ElementFaçade 7 can be completely prefabricated in the controlled environment of a workshop, which removes disturbing and uncertain factors like cold or wet weather. The prefabrication assures high process reliability and product quality. Also, better efficient production and reduced on-site construction will benefit all stakeholders as on-site traffic disturbance and pollution are massively reduced. 

EF 7 can be assembled with a straight cut which means faster assembly and less chance of water infiltration

Any fabricator can set up their workshop in a highly effective and flexible way. Anything is possible: from a basic machine setup for 100 ft² residential projects, up to an industrialized production unit for massive projects of 1,000,000 ft² or more. ElementFaçade 7 is a versatile system, as next to the clear benefits of the straight cut, the traditional miter cut option remains available.

Compatible with standard opening elements

The standard offer includes opening elements specifically designed to fit curtain wall products. However, Reynaers Aluminium’s in-house project team can draw on their extensive range of standard (standalone) systems for a more complex and customized integration. 

The only limitation is your imagination

Supported from design to delivery

Reynaers Aluminium does not only offer aluminum solutions but also a whole network of tools, unique experiences, and services to support you in every step of the journey. 

Our customer portal holds all relevant technical information. The calculation, ordering, and machine programming are fully integrated into our ReynaPro software. ReynaFlow creates a visual dashboard to monitor and manage your logistics and fabrication flow. In-house and even on-site training programs assure that everyone knows what to do before the building phase, while technical support is available throughout all project phases.

This wide variety of tools and services makes sure that Reynaers Aluminium continues to be a reliable, flexible partner who offers a robust, certified system, tailored to your project’s requirements. 

“Together for better”