Reynaers launches Passive MasterLine 10 windows

The innovative extension of Reynaers Aluminum's Masterline range combines extreme thermal properties with a minimal visible width of the profile. As a result, the highly insulating Masterline 10 window profiles for passive building fit perfectly into a contemporary architectural design. 

The Masterline 10 series has been specifically developed for Passive Haus windows and doors. Masterline 10 is an extension of the Masterline 8 range. The new series is largely built up from the same profiles and accessories, which means that the number of new components remains limited and the number of design variants and their field of application is enormous. 

The highly insulating character is obtained through the integration of new innovative materials and the construction of the thermal break. Frame-wing combinations achieve Uf values ​​below 1.0 W / m²K and at profile level, this falls further to a minimum of 0.76 W / m²K.

The Masterline 10 profiles are designed to meet today's construction trends. The profiles allow the integration of very large glass areas with extreme thermal performance and have been tested for the highest burglar resistance. Due to the enormously wide range, MasterLine 10 is suitable for residential and apartment construction as well as for public buildings where intensive use requires a robust and reliable system.

Significant improvement in production times

Optimization also continues in the production of aluminum systems. Reynaflow offers aluminum carpenters an intelligent system for the management of the workflow and optimization of the production processes. With this tool for smart manufacturing, Reynaers introduces Aluminum industry 4.0 in the production process of aluminum windows and doors. With Reynaflow, the entire production process is digitally linked. Preparation, sawing, and processing, assembly, and finishing are included in the paperless flow. This allows for better integration of the production functions, with each phase monitored in real-time. The result is a significant improvement in production time.

Technology enhances inspiration and experience

Potential builders and renovators looking for inspiration are spoiled technologically by Reynaers. This makes it possible for end customers to digitally visualize their preferred aluminum window or door systems at their Reynaers Partner or Installer. Thanks to this virtual application, Reynaers customers are no longer limited to the physically present elements in their showroom but can show and visualize the full range in their showroom in a home that matches the style of the client.

With MasterLine 10 and the high-tech digital tools, Reynaers confirms its reputation as a progressive developer of innovative aluminum solutions with an eye for architectural design and optimal inspiration and experience for building owners.